SmartWork Initiative

State Employee Student Loan Repayment Plan
Established by Executive Order 01.01.2018.17, the Maryland SmartWork Initiative is an innovative new tool to help State government recruit and retain employees in critical workforce shortage areas.

The key driver behind SmartWork is the Student Loan Repayment Plan, which offers eligible State employees working in targeted shortage areas (including public safety, psychology, nursing and IT) the opportunity to be reimbursed up to $20,000 over ten years of service for student loan repayments for themselves or an eligible child.​

Student Loan Repayment Plan Process 

  1. Before you apply, please review the Frequently Asked Questions document, carefully read each form (see links to the right), and confirm that you are in an eligible classification in a participating agency. 
  2.  Mail your completed application packet, including your SLRP Application, Obligated Service Agreement, and supporting documentation to DBM. Please refer to the SLRP Document Checklist to ensure all necessary documentation is included. 
  3. ​NOTICE:

    Beginning July 1​, 2020, new SLRP program applicants must use the currently posted version of these forms.​​

  4. Once your application packet is reviewed, DBM will send a notice of approval/denial into the Plan. If you are approved to participate in the Plan, your first repayment interval will begin on the date of receipt of your completed application, and will end one year after that date.
  5. A Request for Repayment form will be sent with each approval letter. After completion of your repayment interval, if you are still in an eligible classification, you may file this form to start the reimbursement process. Send your Request for Repayment with loan documentation, including your name, account number, and proof of loan payments made during your repayment interval. 
  6. DBM will review your Request for Repayment form and accompanying loan documentation. After confirming that you are still in an eligible classification and that the appropriate documentation has been received, your reimbursement will be processed via direct deposit.

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SLRP applications must be received by DBM no later than June 30, 2021

​​Contact Information:

Mail Completed Applications to:

Student Loan Repayment Plan
301 W. Preston Street, Room 609
Baltimore, MD 21201