Response Pay

​Response Pay (Level I)

Response Pay has been reinstituted beginning on April 7 for classifications that previously were eligible for Response Pay.  Response Pay will remain in place through January 25, 2022.  Emergency essential/mission critical employees who are required to report to work and have NO opportunity for social distancing as determined by DBM, may be eligible for Response Pay for actual hours worked when required to have close, prolonged contact with individuals in the care and custody of the State.

A COVID-19 Response Pay differential of $3.13 for each hour actually worked will be paid through January 25, 2022​.  If an employee works additional shifts during the pay period, the employee will receive the pay differential for each additional hour actually worked. 

Certain employees within the Departments of Human Services and Public Safety and Correctional Services who are required to perform duties that take them out into the community and require close and prolonged contact with clients of the State with NO opportunity for social distancing also will be eligible to receive this pay differential, but only when performing these "field" duties.

Elevated Response Pay (Level II)
Elevated Response Pay was not discontinued on September 9, 2020 and it remains in effect through January 25​, 2022. If an employee is required to work in a designated quarantine area (a medical isolation unit for individuals with COVID-19), the employee will receive Elevated COVID-19 Response Pay of an additional $2.00 per hour for each hour actually worked in the quarantine area.  Elevated Response Pay will total $5.13 per hour.​

Retroactive Response Pay
Retroactive response pay for eligible State regular employees was included in May 26th paychecks. To view the amount separately from other Regular Earnings, employees can take the following steps in Workday:

From the employee's Profile Page, click on Actions. Select Compensation and click on View Bonus and OTP History; or 

From the employee's Profile Page, type "Bonus" in the Search Box, select the Bonus & One-Time Payment History report option that shows up below. Click into the  Employee box, the employee will be given the option to select their name, hit Ok at the bottom of the page, and the Bonus and OTP History will appear. 

Employees who need assistance locating their Retroactive Response Pay amounts are encouraged to reach out to their Agencies' Payroll staff. ​

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