Salary Plan

The Salary Plan lists the title, class code and salary information for all state job classes. The Salary Plan is split alphabetically into a number of documents based on class name.

This information was last updated July 7, 2021 with new, revised information effective July 1, 2021. 

Salary Plan Data:

The Salary Plan, PDF format, or Excel format​​​​​, in job class title order.

Columns Contained in the Salary Plan Information (proceeding from left to right):

  • Class Code
  • $ - indicates that class is eligible for cash overtime payment
  • Class Title
  • Service designation (S = Skilled, P = Professional, M = Managerial or E = Executive)
  • Salary Grade
  • Bargaining Unit
  • Work Area (Identifies classifications by occupational area (i.e. WA 16 = education occupations)
  • Job Family (EEO categories of occupational areas)
  • Type
  • The lowest salary for full time employees
  • The highest salary for full time employees
  • The first Y indicates the class is a Non-Competitive Promotional Classification 
  • The second Y indicates a sensitive class in regard to drug testing​