Frequently Asked Questions About Uniformed Services Leave

What is Uniformed Services Administrative Leave?
Uniformed Services Administrative Leave is the salary difference between the employee’s Uniformed Services salary and the employee’s State salary.

What happens to my health insurance benefits while on Uniformed Services Administrative Leave for active Uniformed Services service?
Employees on active Uniformed Services duty may continue their medical, dental and prescription benefits at existing coverage levels.  The State will pay the State’s share as well as the employee’s share of the costs for these benefits.  Employees that are on Uniformed Services Administrative Leave will not have paycheck deductions for these benefits.  Employees on a Uniformed Services Leave of Absence without pay will not have to pay for these benefits.  Employees will be billed for the costs of other benefits that are paid in full by the employee (i.e., life insurance, personal accidental death and dismemberment, etc.) in order to continue these benefits.

Can I receive this type of leave if I choose to bank all of my leave for my return to State service?
Yes, employees may bank their leave.  Annual, personal and compensatory leave do not have to be exhausted prior to receiving this paid administrative military leave.

Do I have to use all of my sick leave before receiving this leave?
No, sick leave cannot be used for Uniformed Services service.

Will I earn leave while on this type of leave?
Yes, employees will continue to accrue annual and sick leave while on paid administrative Uniformed Services leave.  The employee will accrue leave based on the number of hours being paid each pay period.

Does this leave cover any leave days the employee would like to take before returning to work after the employee’s active duty ends?
No, the only absence covered by this leave is the dates of official active Uniformed Services service. 

Will I have leave available when I return from active duty when using this leave?
Yes, any sick, annual and compensatory leave balance you had before your active duty will still be available.  Additionally, any leave that you accrue while on paid leave will also be available upon your return. 

Can this paid Uniformed Services Administrative Leave be used to pay employees for LWOP dates that occurred before July 1, 2003?
No, this law is effective July 1, 2003.  Employees must be on active military service on July 1, 2003, activated on July 1, 2003 or activated after July 1, 2003 to qualify.

Can I use my own leave in lieu of using Uniformed Services Administrative Leave?
Yes, employees can use their own leave other than sick leave in lieu of using Uniformed Services Administrative Leave.

How do I qualify for the Uniformed Services Administrative Leave?
Employees must be under Title 10 non training orders for at least 31 days. Title 10 is the Federal authority over servicemembers that are ordered to federal level active duty for federal level missions.
Does Title 32 orders qualify for Uniformed Services Administrative Leave?
No, Title 32 orders do not qualify.  Title 32 are State orders.  If ordered to active duty by the Governor of Maryland, employees may be eligible for full pay, administrative leave, not the salary difference.  Normally for natural disasters.

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