Salisbury Telework Center

Maryland National Guard Armory
835 Springhill Road
Salisbury, Maryland 21801-8904

Telephone: 443-514-8989 or 443-514-4389

DIRECTIONS: Take Rt 50 (Ocean Gateway Drive) East across the bay bridge. Follow Rt 50 Towards Salisbury. Just before entering the city of Salisbury, make a left onto Springhill Road. The armory is on the corner.

Personnel Operations: The telework center is managed by The Maryland National Guard The site serves as a telework center during the day, a distance education center in the evening, and a National Guard training center on weekends. Classes are held three nights a week at the site.

Technical Support: The telework center has a full-time technical/administrative support staff on site to assist the teleworkers.

Security: The telework center will soon have card-key access and is staffed with National Guard service members.

Operating Hours: Normal operating hours for the Salisbury Center are from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday through Friday. Additional hours and days can be arranged for a fee.

Workstations/Offices: 18 workstations.

Computer Hardware: Each workstation is equipped with networked computers with Pentium II processors, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drives, 15-inch Super VGA monitors, individual high-speed modems and video capabilities.

Computer Software: Windows 98, MS Office, and others installed upon request.

Video Conferencing: The telework center has video conferencing.

Office Equipment: Users will have free access to copier, fax machine, black and white printer, scanner, shredder, and phone lines.

Other Amenities: The telework centers has a coffee maker, vending machines and free parking.