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Coming Spring 2016

​ The SPS Timekeeping module helps the State realize its vision of a modern integrated system and provides a single application to collect, process, manage and report on time and labor, all from an easy to use application. All data will be updated in real time, transactions will include automatic time and date stamps and calculations will be managed and automated using a series of business rules. The system also will reduce a number of inefficiencies, including errors due to manual entry and calculation at several parts of the process.

​ The implementation of SPS Timekeeping will offer a centralized robust system of record for timekeeping and absence management and users will interact with the application using a familiar calendar interface for managing leave and many employees will have access to an easy to use timesheet for time entry. Managers will have an ability to approve work time and leave requests anytime and anywhere using a consolidated timekeeping and absence management system. These new tools will create uniformity in Timekeeping, help the State increase productivity by eliminating duplicative time entry processes, replacing the need for some reports with real-time access to data, and eliminating calculation time, reduce costs, and manage risks. Streamlined processes, and comprehensive, Statewide reporting for the purposes of determining overtime costs and analyzing the effect of employee absences on productivity are added benefits to the system.

Will I be using Timekeeping?

​ Employees in Workday are assigned to a profile. These profiles will determine the time or billing codes you can access, the template or “timesheet” you will see when you enter the system, and for those employees who work shift-time, your schedule. Your agency will define all of this information in order to set up your account. In some instances, a “Timekeeper” will be responsible for keying your hours into the system from completed paper timesheets or other time clock reports for your team, department, work group or agency.

​ Please follow your organization’s business practices for entering time and direct any questions to your supervisor.

​ Need Help? If you have questions or need assistance, please visit the Change Center for information on getting ready for the Spring 2016 rollout of timekeeping.

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