FY 2021 Fiscal Digest (Approved Operating Budget)

FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Cover-Page.pdfCover Page82 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest- Secretarys-Letter.pdfSecretary's Letter239 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Table-of-Contents.pdfTable of Contents156 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-A.pdfExhibit A - General Fund Budget Summary143 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-B.pdfExhibit B - Estimated Revenues for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021284 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-C.pdfExhibit C - Summary of Operating Budget Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2021536 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-D.pdfExhibit D - Fiscal Year 2021 Withheld Allotments154 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-E.pdfExhibit E - Summary of Operating Budget By Object Classifications for Fiscal Year 202172 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-F.pdfExhibit F - Deficiency Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2020149 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-G.pdfExhibit G - Summary of Authorized Positions as of July 1, 2020193 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-H.pdfExhibit H - Cigarette Restitution Fund118 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest-Exhibit-I.pdfExhibit I - Summary of FY 2021 Capital Budget as Enacted383 KB
FY2021-Fiscal-Digest.pdfFY 2021 Fiscal Digest (Entire Document)1589 KB

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