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Task Order Preparation, Selection and Award Process for Audit Services Master Contract (ASMC)

​Part 2: TORFP Solicitation & Decision

  1. The TO Procurement Officer will release the TORFP to the MCs through eMMA using the Project Type “RFP Double Envelope” and the Main Category (Commodity Code) “84111600 – Audit services” and the TORFP enters the OPEN period. The OPEN period is the time between the release date and the due date/time.
  2. The TO Procurement Officer will conduct all communications with the MCs during the solicitation process. The solicitation process will include a pre-Task Order Proposal (TOP) conference, answering MC questions, amending the TORFP where necessary, proposal evaluation, and award recommendation.
  3. The TO Procurement Officer will issue all amendments through eMMA and will receive Technical and Financial TOP from the Master Contractors that chose to respond to the TORFP. Master Contractors choosing not to respond with a TOP are required to provide the TO Procurement Officer with feedback as to why they did not respond to the TORFP.
  4. The TOM/PO assigns an Evaluation Team to review TOPs and recommend award. The Evaluation Team should include business stakeholders and subject matter experts for that particular Agency’s business process for the subject TORFP.
  5. Once the TORFP’s proposed due date has passed and the TOPs have been received by the TOM/PO, the TORFP enters the IN REVIEW period. While IN REVIEW, the Agency’s communications regarding the TORFP will be limited to those MCs that submitted TOPs.
  6. ​The TO Procurement Officer will deliver the technical TOP to the Evaluation Team. With the TO Procurement Officer’s guidance, the Evaluation Team will conduct an appropriate evaluation of each TOP in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations. This may include requests for cure, additional information, and oral presentation.
  7. As part of the evaluation process, the Agency TOM/PO is responsible for providing their Evaluation Team with copies of any documents and communications.
  8. The Evaluation Team will establish the technical rankings based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the TORFP. Upon completion of the technical rankings with strengths and weaknesses for each TOP evaluated, the TO Procurement Officer will open the Financial TOP and forward the Financial TOP of each MC whose Technical TOP was determined to be reasonably susceptible of being selected for award to the Agency’s Evaluation Team. The Evaluation Team will review each Financial TOP to ensure that it matches the MC’s Work Plan for Labor Categories and hours and that the hourly rates do not exceed those established by the MC in its technical proposal in response to the master contract RFP. The Agency will establish a preliminary financial ranking based upon the Total Evaluated Price. The ranking is considered preliminary as the Agency will typically request a BAFO. BAFOs from the MCs can usually be received within a couple working days of the request.
  9. Once BAFOs are received (or if BAFOs are not requested), the Evaluation Team (which includes the TOM/PO) will determine a final most advantageous offer for the State.  This most advantageous offer for the State is a combination of the ranked Technical solution and the Financial BAFO’s Total Evaluated Price.
  10. Upon final completion of the evaluation of TOPs, TO Procurement Officer completes and submits a TORFP Award Recommendation package to the DGS Procurement Officer for review and approval. The TORFP Award Recommendation package will include the Agency’s recommendation for award and accompanying documents prepared by the Agency that summarizes the evaluation and selection process. Including in the package must be:
    1. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The T​​echnical Evaluation Team’s statement of potential award to (MC Name);​
    2. A technical, financial, and combined ranking of each qualified MC recorded onto a printed copy of the Summay Evaluation page of the Excel Spreadsheet Evaluation Tool. The Summary Page must be dated and signed by each member of the Evaluation Team.
    3. ​Rationale for selecting the recommended MC’s TOP for award.
    4. ​If there are an MBE and/or VSBE participation goal for the task order the applicable MBE and/or VSBE forms from the recommended Master Contractor.
    5. ​​​

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